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We believe in the power of people, which is why we created this event.

By creating a space where professionals from all backgrounds and industries can meet, chat, network, and build relationships, we believe each individual can grow exponentially.

Join us for an enlightening experience with a community that’s committed to helping one another.

This event is exclusive for the Impact Ventures Network Members.

Date :      Monday, 17 October 2022
Time :       2:30pm to 5:30pm
Venue :    WORQ KL Gateway 

This get-together is sponsored by Artem Ventures Sdn Bhd

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Community Chats 17 Oct 2022 WORQ KL Gateway.png

The Next Big Deal !

2:00PM   Arrival of Community members

2:30PM   Welcome by Melissa Ong

2:35PM   LIVE GREEN CO presented by Carolina Carriel

2:50PM   SINISANA TECHNOLOGIES presented by Jonah Lau

3:05PM   COMBIO presented by Dr Sivachandran Parimannan

3:20PM   ORIGO presented by YT Low

3:35PM   ARTEM NEO CONSUMER FUND presented by Ng Sai Kit

3:50PM   Fireside Chats with presenters

5:00PM   Chit-chat continues

Caroline Live Green co.jpg


live green ci.png

Caroline is a molecular biotechnology engineer and as a leader of R&D at The Live Green Company and has two passions: science and food. The Live Green Co is a foodtech company, with the vision of accelerating the world's transition to healthy and sustainable food using proprietary technology.  We are doing it by building powerful databases based on the world’s ancestral wisdom of plant nutrition, and blending it with the latest biotechnology and machine learning to unearth new and exciting links between plants and their uses.



Jonah Lau

Co-founder & Chief Tech Officer

Jonah has over 20 years of experience in consulting and leading digital transformation for key industries in food, manufacturing, and retail. Sinisana uses Web3 blockchain for traceability to help companies turn their good practices into data-driven product storytelling to protect what they and their customers care about – from food safety to environmental sustainability to ethical treatment of workers.


YT Law

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Origo Logo.png

Law Yee Tee (YT) is the Founder and CEO of Origo. YT has a wealth of 23+ years in manufacturing solutions. YT founded NYLTech- Solutions Provider for manufacturing industry.


Dr Sivachandran Parimanna 

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Dr Siva is the Co-founder & CEO Of Phagecific (Combio), a solution that combats soft-rot diseases in crops by targeting the bacteria that cause them with their natural predators: phages.

In addition, Dr Siva is also the lecturer, postgraduate and R & D Coordinator at the Aimst University.

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