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We Are Shaking Up the Food System & 
Power For Impact

A Distinct Identity

Here at Impact Circle, we see the value in everyone. We want to be a catalyst for positive change, and since our beginnings, we’ve been driven by the same ideas we initially founded: support, empowerment, and progress. Backed by a team of experienced professionals, our strategic services meet the needs of all types and sizes of businesses from small startups to large companies, and deliver lasting changes with measurable growth. We emerged out of a pursuit to inspire and support the community, and a desire for actions to speak louder than words. While there is always more that can be done, there is no doubt that we are making a significant impact. We don’t measure our success through just facts and figures, but through happy faces and heartwarming outcomes.

This is our distinctive identity !

Upcoming Events

The excitement continues with SPARK!  

Following the success of SPARK Singapore at FHA 2024, SPARK Kuala Lumpur will take stage on 3 July 2024. Twelve (12) companies will compete in a pitching competition for RM10 million investment opportunities, aiming to accelerate AgTech and FoodTech startups.

"The Spark" akin to a spark that can ignite a roaring fire, is specifically designed to accelerate AgTech and FoodTech companies into their next phase of development.

Don't miss this chance to be part of a vibrant ecosystem eager to support the next wave of AgTech and FoodTech pioneers. Whether you're looking to scale your startup, explore cutting-edge innovations, or forge lasting partnerships, The Spark at the FHA Expo is where your journey accelerates.


Let's ignite the fire of change together and transform the landscape of sustainable food and agriculture.

Ready to pitch?

The Food Systems Impact Change Maker Award, presented by Impact Circle, honors individuals and organizations that are pioneering transformative changes in the way we produce, distribute, and consume food. This prestigious award highlights the importance of innovation, sustainability, and community impact in creating resilient and equitable food systems for future generations.



  1. Sustainable Agriculture Innovator

  2. Food Technology Pioneer

  3. Food Supply Chain Enabler

  4. Community Food Champion

  5. Food Education Advocate

FDM2024-Logo (1)-02.png

Food & Drinks Malaysia by SIAL is an inspiring B2B trade event that has already made a significant impact on the industry.

With the remarkable success of its debut edition, featuring nearly 300+ exhibitors and attracting over 8000+ enthusiastic visitors, the show has become an unparalleled gathering for food and beverage experts, professionals, and enthusiasts.

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-03 at 21.47.50.jpeg

Applications are now open and will close on 15 June 2024. 


Welcoming NURUL IZZAH ANWAR to the Impact Circle Advisory Board

We are delighted to announce the addition of YBrs. Puan Nurul Izzah Anwar to our Advisory Board of Impact Circle, effective from 5 April 2024. Nurul Izzah's extensive experience in advocating for social justice and economic development aligns seamlessly with the ethos of our network, making her an invaluable asset to our community.

Nurul Izzah Anwar has long been recognized as a prominent advocate for reform and innovation in socioeconomic initiatives. Her commitment to sustainable development and extensive background in policy formulation will bring a fresh perspective and drive impactful changes within our network.

As a member of the Advisory Board, Nurul Izzah will be instrumental in guiding the strategic direction of Impact Circle. She will work closely with other advisory board members and our broader network to identify key areas of opportunity, foster collaboration among innovators and entrepreneurs, and spearhead initiatives that enhance our collective impact.

We believe that her insights and leadership will greatly benefit our mission to support scalable solutions to global challenges, and we look forward to the inspiration and innovation she will undoubtedly bring to our efforts.

Please join us in welcoming Nurul Izzah Anwar to the Advisory Board. 

We are excited about the expertise and passion she brings to the Impact Circle and look forward to her contributions in making a lasting impact.

Thank you. 

Kind regards, 

Disclaimer : The Board of Senior Advisors serves voluntarily to advance the Food Systems transformation in Malaysia and call for focused attention on food security and agriculture sustainability for Malaysia and neighbouring Southeast Asia countries, as well as to support on-the-ground initiatives for youth development and women entrepreneurship in the Agri-FoodTech sector.

🌟 Wrapping up an Inspiring showcase at FHA 2024! 🚀

✨ Friday 26 April 2024 marked the conclusion of an amazing FHA-Food & Beverage (FHA) 2024 at the Singapore EXPO. A heartfelt congratulations to all the change makers who graced "The SPARK" pitching competition with their innovative solutions and impassioned presentations. You've not only captivated our hearts but have set the stage for transformative changes within our global food systems.

🙏 A massive thank you goes out to our esteemed panel of judges and to every investor (Gobi Partners, responsAbility Investments AG , MDI Ventures, Accrete Capital, Toyo Seikan Group , First Frontier Ventures) who participated in the Investor Hours. Your engagement, insights, and willingness to invest in new ideas have been crucial in driving forward our mission for a sustainable food future. Your expertise and insightful evaluations have been invaluable in steering this groundbreaking competition.

✨This showcase can’t be complete without the great support from our strategic partners and supporters - Innovate360, Informa Markets, Bioeconomy Corporation, Space F, Olam, First Frontier Ventures, Sarawak Trade & Tourism Office Singapore and Vision Creator, Inc. Your unwavering support and dedication have been the backbone of this event's resounding success. Your commitment to fostering innovation in the AgriFoodTech sector is nothing short of inspiring.

✨As we celebrate today's achievements, we eagerly look forward to the next chapter. The journey continues at July’s Food & Drinks Malaysia by SIAL Network where our SPARK x FHA 2024 champions (N & E Innovations Pte Ltd, Entomal Biotech, ULTIMEAT .) along with 12 other innovative change makers, will vie for up to US$3 million in investment opportunities. This upcoming event promises another platform for our startups to pitch their transformative solutions, driving forward the revolution of our food systems.

✨ Join us as we continue to support and witness the evolution of these innovative solutions that are set to redefine the agricultural and food technology landscapes. Let’s rally behind our change makers who are not just participating in the industry but are actively shaping a more sustainable and efficient future for all.

✨The seamless organization behind the Impact Circle Pavilion could not have been achieved without the exceptional dedication and support of Janice Lee, Merliyn Low, and Yun Xuan Koh from Informa Markets. Their trust and confidence in our vision, combined with their incredible support throughout the planning and execution phases, were instrumental in bringing our mission to fruition. Working alongside Janice, Merliyn, and Yun Xuan has been nothing short of a pleasure; their professionalism and enthusiasm greatly enhanced our experience both leading up to and during the event days.

👍🏻Stay tuned for more updates as we gear up for another exhilarating chapter in the AgriFoodTech sector at SIAL Malaysia!

✨Let’s keep the momentum going and reconvene in July to continue this remarkable journey of innovation and impact!

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🍎 FHA-Food & Beverage (FHA Expo) 2024 🌱

I'm delighted to announce that from April 23-26 at the Singapore EXPO, over 20 AgriFoodTech Change Makers will showcase their transformative solutions for our food systems at FHA 2024. This showcase is powered by Impact Circle MY in collaboration with Innovate360! This initiative is brought to life with amazing support from Informa Markets, Bioeconomy Corporation and Space F.

KAIROS AGRICULTURE, Maypreen Sdn Bhd, N & E Innovations Pte Ltd, Lush Food Group, ULTIMEAT . ,EATNUF, tHEMEat Company, Fuciphagus Agritech Sdn. Bhd. 福喜發鉻有限公司. , NATTOME, Nutriient Pte. Ltd., The BerrySpot, KELAVA, Well B Food & Beverage Trading Sdn. Bhd., ADA Biotech, Meals In Minutes, Hydroemission, Entomal Biotech, HYDRO-REGEN, Herb & Tea futurology, KosmodeHealth Singapore, Pinxin Vegan, AQUIVIO

🚀 Join us as 20 selected visionary startups take center stage at "The SPARK" to pitch their transformative solutions designed to revolutionize our food systems. This dynamic session will showcase innovation, sustainability, and impactful new technologies in the food and agriculture sector. 🔥 "The SPARK" is more than just a pitch session; it's a catalyst for innovation, fostering collaboration, and driving the industry forward.

🤝 We're also excited to introduce "Investor Hours" within the Sustainable Food Future section. This initiative provides a unique opportunity for startup founders and investors to engage in deep, meaningful one-on-one discussions. It’s a chance to explore the nuances of groundbreaking projects and forge partnerships that will shape the future of our food systems.

📅 Mark your calendars!
📍 Location: Singapore Expo, Hall 7
📆 Date: 23-26 April 2024

🌟 For VCs, Angels, and investors interested in participating in the Investor Hours, please secure your spot by registering here (registration closes on April 16) :

🔗 To attend FHA 2024, register at

🔗 To gain access to The SPARK, register at

Let’s reshape the future of food together!

Awesome Events

Our events were awesomely held and concluded with great success. 

As the Ecosystem Partner, Impact Circle is proud to have supported Innovate 360's Investor Networking Gathering in Kuala Lumpur. Our collaboration is a testament to our shared commitment to fostering a thriving ecosystem for agrifood tech innovation.

✨On the 27th of February, 2024, just before the eagerly awaited Sustainable Food Asia Co., Ltd.(SFA)’s Sustainable Food BootCamp slated for the next 2 days, we had the privilege of hosting esteemed Japanese delegates at the Back2Nature #Regenerative Farm in Kuala Pilah.

Ajinomoto Co., Inc.
ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Kikkoman Corporation
Ikeda Tohka 池田糖化工業株式会社

✨This special visit was not only a prelude to the enriching sessions planned for the SFA BootCamp but also a profound opportunity to showcase the transformative power of regenerative agriculture in advancing food production.

✨This visit underscored the significance of collaborative international efforts in embracing and implementing sustainable practices that ensure the longevity and health of our planet while simultaneously addressing the pressing need for food security in our growing regional community.✨Through the experiential learning at the Back2Nature Regenerative Farm, we're reminded that the future of food goes beyond just our meals; it encompasses the entire journey of how those meals arrive at our tables. 🍽️

👍🏻✨A heartfelt shoutout 🫶🏻to Satoshi Umino for orchestrating the 2nd SFA’s Sustainable Food Camp 2024, on February 28 and 29 in Kuala Lumpur flawlessly. 🤩 Big Congrats ! 🌟 Sustainable Food Asia's vision of melding new materials from innovative ventures with the prowess of Japanese food-related technologies is paving the way for a sustainable food future. ✨This amazing event is a melting pot of Southeast Asian food tech pioneers and Japanese conglomerates, uniting to address global food issues through collaborative #businessventures with a focus on sustainable food creation, environmental betterment, #health access, and #socialjustice. ✨One of the main Highlights of the event was a competition that spurred teams to devise groundbreaking solutions, with the winning team taking home RM10k.🌟✨Impact Circle MY was proud to stand along side other partners in supporting of this meaningful corporate innovation event. Together, we're not just talking about a sustainable future; we're actively building it. 💪🏻✨

SFA logo.png

✨Honored to share the stage with Satoshi UminoYoshiyuki OzawaNoriko MiwaJohn Cheng and Semi Hakim where we delved into discussions on the creation and expansion of sustainable food. It was an enriching experience to exchange insights on such a pivotal topic.

The #WorldSoilDay 2023 aims to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining healthy ecosystems and human well-being by addressing the growing challenges in soil management, increasing soil awareness, and encouraging societies to improve soil health. Soil nutrient loss is a major soil degradation process threatening nutrition and is recognized as being among the most important problems at a global level for food security and sustainability all around the globe.

Embracing Innovation, Nourishing Tomorrow

Goes beyond just feeding the world; nourishing societies, economies, and the environment in a way that ensures a prosperous future for generations to come.

🌟 The Future Food-AgTech Festival 2023 at 1 Utama Shopping Centre over five impactful days from 8-12 November was a massive success! 🎉🍾🎊🥳

✨With 48 visionary change makers and food innovators, 68 feststalls, and the incredible support of 30 dedicated student volunteers from Taylor's University, School of Food Studies & Gastronomy and School of Media & Comm, we made a real impact! 🔥🌟

#FFF2023 is a non-profit community initiative proudly organised by Impact Circle MY, in collaboration with Innovate360 and supported by Bioeconomy CorporationCULT CREATIVEFood & Drinks Malaysia by SIAL NetworkThought For FoodAgrobank, MalaysiaTaylor's University and AEON CO. (M) BHD.

✨Under the theme '#GoodFood4All,' our Marketplace was a hub of innovation, bringing together food and agriculture innovators and change makers to showcase transformative food and agricultural solutions focused on #Children's health, #AlternativeProteins#Agrifoodtech#Artisanal & #Innovative Foods.

✨In a world grappling with food security, FFF2023 addressed key areas:
1️⃣ Food tech innovations for safer & delightful products
2️⃣ Tackling climate impact from current food production
3️⃣ Promoting nutritious, ethically produced food for evolving lifestyles.

❤️A big hearty thanks to all participated and involved in making this festival a game-changer! 🙌

Farm Fresh BerhadULTIMEAT . , Entomal BiotechRipe Fresh Pte LtdTealiveEartheoriesMAEKO MalaysiaKapitani, Well B, Back2Nature, SNACKISS, Green Bugs Farm, Haroct, Rice IncVive Culture, Agroz Group, PS Food, Nattome, Uni Nature, -12 Degree, Hanya, ECOMINIM, Mamoru, Eesoy, Baron & Co, Oatlife, NANKA, Pinxin VeganPHUTURE® FoodsQarbotechBraintree TechnologiesHaruPlateBioalpha International Sdn Bhd, Deja Vuu, In The Pink, Plantenesis, Wild Kombucha, My Kefir World, Grusonne, Graze Market, Ayomayo, Claire Organic, Lactomomma, Wonderful Pineapple, Vicked Good, Antares Ventures, Natural Fresh, Nims.

🥬 #GoodFood4All #Sustainability #FutureofFood"


31 October - 2 November 2023 @ Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Singapore

Agri-Food Tech Expo Asia is a partner event of the annual Singapore International Agri-Food Week (SIAW). SIAW aims to gather world’s leading players and stakeholders from the global agri-food industry to share best practices, showcase the latest technologies, to tap business opportunities, and to collaborate towards greater security and sustainability in Asia’s Agri-Food system.

✨ 🤩 We are excited to introduce the "Agrifoodtech Change Makers" Pavilion, powered by Impact Circle MY and Innovate360, in collaboration with Space F Program at the upcoming prestigious Agri-Food Tech Expo Asia.

📆 Date: October 31 - November 2, 2023
⏲ Time : 10:00am - 5:30pm
📍Venue: Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Singapore (Halls A and B)

✨ Get ready to be amazed by 40 exhibition booths each showcasing the brilliance of 35 change makers 🌟 from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Korea and Indonesia who are pioneering advancements in food innovation, technology, sustainability, and the future of food! 💫 🚀 🌿

Nusantics - Nusantara Genetics, Natural Trace, EASYRICE Digital Technology , Heavenly Nest, BIRTH 2022 Co., Ltd., SEADLING, Zima Sensors Pte. Ltd., Eartheories, Plant Origin, UniFAHS, Urban Greens Hydroponic Systems Inc., The Kawa Project, Mycovation, ImpacFat, TeOra, MUU, TRUMPKIN, MOA foodtech, Futura Ingredients, IXON Food Technology, Pensées Inc., Morus Inc., Infoboss Inc., joinandjoin, ROBO ARETE, Sherpa Space, SicPama, WEMEET, Deeplant, HUENIC, HydroRegen, The BerrySpot, AVENATUR, SENTO BIOTECH, Ripe Fresh Pte Ltd, ULTIMEAT.


✨On 7 November 2023, I watched the top 15 finalists of Khazanah Impact Innovation Challenge (KIIC2023) pitching for their innovative solutions under the theme "Tackling Climate Challenge for Malaysia Food Security." ✨

✨Each finalist presented remarkable solutions, representing impactful Malaysian businesses striving for potential equity investments and/or debt funding from Khazanah Nasional Berhad’s Dana Impak and its funding partners. They were amazing in delivering innovative solutions to the #climatechange challenges affecting #foodsecurity in Malaysia. KIIC 2023’s panel of judges selected 3 winners who demonstrated the most innovative and unique solutions, backed by measurable impact and sustainable business models, all relevant to Malaysia.

🌟I take immense pride in the 10 change makers from our Impact Ventures Network. It's truly heartening to witness the remarkable success of these grand prize winners - Braintree TechnologiesULTIMEAT . and Kapitani . Each of them was awarded grants of up to RM500,000 to bring their business plans to life.

Additionally, Cell AgriTechEntomal Biotech, Agridata, KAIROS AGRICULTUREPHUTURE® FoodsQarbotech and Haroct also emerged as winners in this challenge.

🤩Big congratulations to all winners. You are all truly amazing!!! 👍🏻🌟💪🏻

Arif MakhdzirEdwin LeeM Nazrul Hazeri NazirmuddinJason Ng Chin AikVic WK PuiYanni Xinyan ChingThomas PuiMatthew Johnny KulaiEzra Tan, Jack Yap, Chor Chee Hoe,Dr. Suraya Abdul Rashid, CEngDYLAN LEE CHEE HOW.

✨We are truly honored and humbled by Khazanah MD Dato Amirul Feisal's mention in his closing speech, acknowledging Impact Circle MY as the key ecosystem builder in the nascent AgriFoodTech space in Malaysia.🥰

#KIIC2023 #Innovation #FoodSecurity #climatechangesolutions


Southeast Asia Regional Community
Impact Ventures Network

 Impactful Change-makers

Working With the Best Partners 

We work with a diverse network of visionary partners who share our passion for next-gen-led innovation to solve local and regional agri-food challenges - quickly and at scale. Major support for our initiatives comes from partners and members of our community, and contributions from our supporters. 

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MIGHT Logo-01.png
Putra Business School logo.png
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TFF SEA_Original_PMS.png
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innovate 360 logo.png
SFA logo.png
Comexposium_APAC Logo.png
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Join us

We are able to make tremendous impacts thanks to the help of our partners, members, and volunteers in our community. The core of our work lies in the continuous passion and dedication we bring to the range of projects we take part in.

Please join us by supporting our efforts to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

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