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About Us

IMPACT CIRCLE is an independent agrifoodtech builder and multiplier for the food and agriculture sector in Southeast Asia. We provide an integrated platform to support companies and startups build and co-create food and agricultural solutions to transform our existing food systems, improve food security and reduce our environmental impact for healthy living and sustain our planet earth.


Our Vision

Power For Impact.

We connect investment and power collaborations within the food ecosystem and supply chain to catalyze profitable innovation, expand sustainability and environmental awareness, and bring greater impact on food and nutrition security as well as for youth empowerment and community development focusing on women and children. 


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Our Mission

It is incredible how one small idea can grow into something truly special.

Impact Circle is rooted in the belief that we all have an inherent responsibility to make a meaningful difference in our community. With a variety of active projects and a large volunteer staff, we harness our skills and resources to successfully achieve our goals. 

We Are Shaking Up the Food System 

We enable Agri-FoodTech innovators, farmers, investors, policymakers, regulators, researchers, industry bodies, and the general public to foster a transformational and impactful innovative ecosystem that is pivotal for systematically rejuvenating the agrifood sector, reducing youth unemployment, empowering the community, and creating new jobs/ventures along the value chain. It includes access to funding, nurturing start-ups, business incubators, seed supply chain, access to data and communication, technologies and skills development.

Commitment, Transparency, Innovation.

These three values have stood at the center of our mission. We wholeheartedly commit to the work we do with passion and dedication, transparently sharing it with our stakeholders, partners, and community and inviting others to take part. 

  1. Agrifood systems innovation for the transformation of markets and value chains.
    To function as an ecosystem hub that promotes research and innovation as well as generates and incubates ideas to address hard issues and challenges faced in the AgriFood sector. The entire value chain, includes the supply of agrifood inputs, the production and transformation of agrifood products, and their distribution to final consumers in the marketplace. It leads to a focus on market connections, private labeling, supply and demand traceability, bio packaging, smart supermarkets, waste management, and others of relevance.

  2. Boosting Public-Private Partnerships and co-creation opportunities
    To be a catalyst for boosting partnerships as well as public and private investments to foster and scale up food-agri-tech innovation by building an enabling environment through Public-Private Partnerships and co-creation opportunities with diverse participants, practitioners, and experts by building strategic alliances, partnerships, and relationships with local individuals, groups or companies that develop a pipeline of funding opportunities.

  3. Harnessing broad categories of innovation
    To connect global expertise, processes, pathways, and interventions to unlock the potential of innovation in agrifood and scaling up inclusive innovations and technologies by uniting world-class researchers, experts, and entrepreneurs to generate real-world solutions for the betterment of the environment and mankind. It enables exposure to the latest global emerging trends of innovation such as digital innovation and disruptive technology. Harnessing the potential of AoTs, artificial intelligence, big data, remote sensing, and breakthrough technologies in agrifood contributes to more inclusive, efficient, and sustainable practices.

  4. Harnessing Innovation for youth employment and women participation
    To support young change-makers and women leaders to lead a new movement and drive impactful new business ventures in the agrifood industry by engaging and empowering young and women agripreneurs and innovators to tackle development challenges.

  5. Emerging technologies for agricultural production and plant health
    To create an enabling environment to find innovative solutions for transforming the agrifood sector by building partnerships and engagements. Innovation in practices and technologies can play a key role in advancing the agrifood industry. It enables interventions in different breakthrough technologies that include precision agriculture, hydroponics, early warning, and crowdsourcing systems for the control of pests and diseases, regenerative agriculture, remote diagnostic, drones, climate info services, digital extension, and precision harvesting.

  6. Social, institutional, organizational, and policy
    To promote policies and institutional reform mechanisms aiming at accelerating the pathways towards more productive, sustainable, efficient, and equitable value chains. Deepen understanding of the issues and opportunities (policy, business, technology) to ensure access to clean, safe and nutritious food that empowers (smallholder) farmers via bespoke programs.

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