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Working Together for Better Future

Since founding the Impact Ventures Network in 2020, our mission has been to discover the region’s most promising AgriFoodTech Change Makers/Founders/CEOs in which to invest our time and resources to help them succeed. From valuable mentorships to conferences and networking events, our community members enjoy automatic access to outstanding programs and promising connections, led by our dedicated professionals. We envisioned building a community where talented founders could meet within the same space to discuss groundbreaking ideas that they could turn into successful ventures.

We support Malaysian AgriFoodTech companies VOLUNTARILY - connect investments and power collaborations.


Our humble aim 🎯is to build a vibrant local “AgriFoodTech Ecosystem” – an environment focused on increasing investments💰, creating policy incentives, building capacity, and developing smart partnerships that can enable solutions to meet local challenges and achieve scalable impact.

Southeast Asia Impact Ventures Network

The Southeast Asia Regional Impact Ventures Network is an independent community of AgriFoodTech Change Makers and functions as a key networking platform for Agrifoodtech companies of all levels seeking connections, investment and collaborations within the Food and Agricultural ecosystems and supply chains.

The network is supported by the Impact Ventures Network's Advisory Board and Mentors. They are a stellar group of experienced and influential business leaders who provide access to their professional experience and resources to scout the marketplace, gauge future trends, and seek new strategic positions.

Raising the Bar - Join us !

When you join the Impact Ventures Network, you’ll become a lifelong member of a community of mentors, entrepreneurs, and industry experts. With an exceptional track record and a deep understanding of the technology ecosystem, our goal is to find and empower talented founders around the Southeast Asia region. We are dedicated to driving positive impact in the Food System. Whether it’s connecting people with investment, power connections, and knowledge, or providing advice and mentorship, we’re here to serve voluntarily as a platform to support agrifoodtech startups and entrepreneurs.  Our mission is to connect impact investors, agrifoodtech startups and entrepreneurs, corporations, and like-minded organizations to build an equitable and inclusive agrifoodtech ecosystem. We strive to provide a platform where agrifoodtech companies can access capital and make powerful connections to accelerate impact and growth.


Skill-building and strong support from industry experts & mentors in person equips you with the resources, skills, and connections you need to change the world.

Global Network

Be connected with truly Top-Notch Innovators and leaders - be part of global reach, emerging markets, digital natives, food and ag community.

Broaden Investment

Be connected with key stakeholders on the investment potential and market viability.


Brand exposure and success- storytelling - provide global, regional, and local brand exposure through social media, events, and community.

Southeast Asia Impact Venture Network

Our Community Members and Partners

We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with so many thought leaders and industry experts throughout the world. Working together has helped provide a route for promising AgriFoodTech Change Makers to create real, tangible change. With the right guidance and ecosystem, a small idea can quickly turn into a highly successful business. Take a look at our community members and partners, and get in touch if you would like to learn more. 

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Join our Regional Community

Join our growing network across Southeast Asia to connect with Agri-FoodTech Change Makers, innovators, farmers, investors, policymakers, regulators, researchers, industry bodies, and the general public to catalyze profitable innovation, expand sustainability and environmental awareness, and bring greater impact on food and nutrition security as well as for youth development and women empowerment.

The Next-Generation of Agropreneurs


Connect and meet a plethora of students, innovators, founders, and leaders from the Community with different backgrounds and gain great opportunities to connect with our vast network of AgriFoodTech Change Makers.

The Power of Innovation and Passion 

AgriFoodTech Change Makers

Be part of a Regional network of Agrifoodtech change makers and join the powerful movement that unites the most equipped generations to unlock potential and deliver targeted, cutting-edge, science and technology-driven innovation and solutions to lead a sustainable food and agricultural revolution.

Trusted Advisor -
Paving The Way :
From Good to Great !


A strong agrifoodtech company is one where the founder is supported, encouraged, and challenged to level up. Celebrate in each stage (and beyond) and make a difference for founders as they grow, scale, and set the stage for their venture’s long-term success. Be part of their amazing venture's journey and do it as your best legacy for our future generations.

Creates and nurtures to create new market opportunities

Ventures Ecosystem Partner

The EcoSystem Partners are the cross-industry partners working together to co-create business opportunities that benefit from collaborative strategies. By working together with cross-industry players and mutually complementing respective uniqueness to enable new solutions which opens up floodgate of new business opportunities.

We are pushing for

food system change.

We are in this together !


Joining and supporting our cause to reset the food system. We hope through collaborations and being the catalyst of change, collectively, we will create a critical disruption in food innovations and power up the supply chain to reshape the agri-food sector.

Join our Community !

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Welcome to the Southeast Asia Impact Ventures Network.
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