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The Food System Change Maker 20 under 40 Award is a prestigious recognition given to 20 individuals under 40 years of age who have made significant contributions to transforming the food system towards sustainability, resilience, and fairness. This award acknowledges their efforts in addressing various challenges associated with food production, distribution, consumption, and waste management.

The following specific criteria and selection process for the Food System Change Maker Award are considered when evaluating nominees.

  1. Impact: The extent to which the individual has brought about positive change in the food system. This can include measurable outcomes such as increased access to nutritious food, reduced environmental impact, improved livelihoods for farmers and food workers, or enhanced food security.

  2. Innovation: The introduction of novel approaches, technologies, or practices that have contributed to improving the food system. This can involve innovative farming techniques, sustainable packaging solutions, disruptive business models, or advancements in food production or processing.

  3. Collaboration: The ability to engage and collaborate with diverse stakeholders within the food system, including farmers, policymakers, consumers, researchers, and advocacy groups. This criterion recognizes the importance of fostering partnerships and building networks to drive systemic change.

  4. Advocacy and Influence: The efforts to shape public opinion to create an enabling environment for sustainable and equitable food systems. This can involve advocacy campaigns or promoting public awareness through media or education initiatives.

  5. Scalability and Replicability: The potential for the initiatives or interventions implemented by the individual to be scaled up or replicated in other contexts. This criterion emphasizes the importance of solutions that have the potential to create widespread impact and be adapted to different geographical regions or socio-economic conditions.

  6. Long-Term Sustainability: The commitment to long-term sustainability and resilience of the food system. This can include considerations such as regenerative agriculture practices, preservation of biodiversity, climate change mitigation, social justice, and ethical sourcing.

The Food System Change Maker Award serves as recognition and inspiration for individuals working tirelessly to create positive change within the food system. It helps highlight their achievements, fosters knowledge sharing, and encourages others to join in the movement towards a more sustainable and equitable food future.

At 'The Future of Food & Agriculture' pavilion held at the Food & Drinks Malaysia by SIAL, 20 exceptional individuals were presented with the esteemed Food Systems Impact Change Makers 20 under 40 awards on 4 July 2023. 🌟✨These individuals have been recognized for their outstanding leadership, innovation, unwavering commitment to sustainability, resilience, and social impact in shaping the future of food systems. Their visionary contributions have made a significant difference in addressing key challenges within the agrifood industry. 👏🌱🌍

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