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The Food Systems Impact Change Maker Award, presented by Impact Circle, honors individuals and organizations that are pioneering transformative changes in the way we produce, distribute, and consume food. This prestigious award highlights the importance of innovation, sustainability, and community impact in creating resilient and equitable food systems for future generations.

Who We Celebrate:

  • Innovative Farmers: Utilizing sustainable practices to enhance soil health, conserve water, and reduce carbon footprints.

  • Visionary Organizations: Implementing cutting-edge technologies and strategies to streamline food supply chains and reduce waste.

  • Community Leaders: Advocating for food justice, improving food access, and fostering local food economies.

  • Educators & Researchers: Advancing knowledge and awareness on food system challenges and solutions through research, education, and public engagement.



  1. Sustainable Agriculture Innovator

  2. Food Technology Pioneer

  3. Food Supply Chain Enabler

  4. Community Food Champion

  5. Food Education Advocate


Why It Matters:

Our food systems are at the heart of global health, environmental sustainability, and economic vitality. By recognizing and supporting those making impactful changes, we inspire broader participation and commitment to creating a better world through sustainable food practices.


Nominate a Change Maker Today!

🏆 Nomination Deadline: 15 June 2024

📅 Award Ceremony: Hall 3, MITEC Kuala Lumpur

Join Us in Celebrating Excellence!


Food Systems Impact Change Maker Award
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Thank you for your nomination! For registration to attend the award ceremony, please visit our website homepage for registration.

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