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A Community Movement aims to change mindset and drive action around Safe, Clean & Nutritious foods. Partnering with Master Chefs and students from all levels in Malaysia and Southeast Asia to call for focussed attention on concerns over climate change and the environment caused by current world food production systems and towards greater access to a lifestyle that includes nutritious, safe and ethically produced foods.


We Are the Next Generation Pushing for Food System Change !

Join Our Movement !



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In support of the UN Food System Summit and Good Food For All (GF4A) campaign, the TFF Southeast Asia Regional Hub joins in the efforts to push for focussed attention on #FoodSystems. Partnering with master chefs and students from all levels in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, this Community movement aims to drive thinking and action around GoodFood, and to promote the education of GoodFood towards greater access to a lifestyle that includes nutritious, safe, and ethically produced foods.

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Without good food, no other progress is possible.

We are in this together !

Join our pledge today towards having GoodFood4All !

Please remember to add your pledge in the comment box - I am signining because....

Participating University

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Spread the news !


Please share this link with your friends and family members on your social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc so that we can all come together for a more sustainable and healthy world.

Save the image and send with the link above with the hashtag  #GoodFood4All,  #FoodSystems and #FutureFoodTechFestival

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Join us in inspiring action

What does good food mean to you?

Perhaps it’s special moments with the ones you love, a treasured childhood memory, or a traditional recipe handed down for generations.


Tell us today by recording and sharing a video with #GoodFood4All.

Film the video in landscape

Frame: Ensure your face is centred and takes up ⅓ of  the frame

Video length: max 1 minute

Please use the below-suggested file names, based on  platform:

On Facebook: First name_Last name_  FB @handle

On Twitter: First name_Last name_Tw  @handle

On Instagram: First name_Last name_  IG @handle

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