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This year, we're thrilled to introduce "Investment Circle" within the Sustainable Food Future section of the FHA Expo, a specially curated segment designed for groundbreaking interaction between visionaries in the sustainable food sector and forward-thinking investors. Our mission is ambitious yet critically important: we aim to catalyze investor enthusiasm and provide founders with the vital capital they require to thrive.

Unparalleled Networking Opportunities

At its core, "Investment Circle" offers an unmatched setting for networking, enabling participants to connect with like-minded individuals who share a commitment to transforming the global food landscape. Whether you're a startup founder seeking seed funding or an established entrepreneur looking to scale, you'll find an array of investors eager to explore sustainable ventures. This setting facilitates not just connections but meaningful conversations that can lead to long-term partnerships.


Fostering Synergistic Partnerships

The essence of "Investment Circle" lies in its potential to create synergies. By bringing together diverse stakeholders from across the sustainable food ecosystem, we're setting the stage for collaborative partnerships that combine different skills, perspectives, and resources. These alliances are crucial for overcoming the complex challenges of sustainability, enabling more holistic and innovative solutions to emerge.


Scaling Ventures for Global Impact

Beyond individual success, "Investment Circle" is about amplifying the impact of sustainable food ventures on a global scale. Access to capital is often the biggest hurdle for startups looking to make a difference. By securing essential financing, entrepreneurs can accelerate their growth, expand their reach, and ultimately contribute to a more sustainable and equitable food system worldwide.


A Movement for Change

Participating in "Investment Circle" is more than an opportunity; it's a call to action. It's about being part of a collective movement that's shaping the future of food. Through innovation, collaboration, and shared commitment, we have the power to address some of the most pressing issues facing our planet—climate change, food insecurity, and environmental degradation.


This year, "SparkPitch" akin to a spark that can ignite a roaring fire, is set to shine brightly within the Sustainable Food Future section of the FHA Expo, specifically designed to accelerate AgTech and FoodTech startups into their next phase of development. Participating in SparkPitch means more than just an opportunity for funding; it's a chance to showcase your solutions to global challenges, from enhancing food security to promoting sustainable farming practices. It's an invitation to join a movement dedicated to shaping the future of food and agriculture, making it more resilient, efficient, and accessible for all.


Don't miss this chance to be part of a vibrant ecosystem eager to support the next wave of AgTech and FoodTech pioneers. Whether you're looking to scale your startup, explore cutting-edge innovations, or forge lasting partnerships, SparkPitch at the FHA Expo is where your journey accelerates. Let's ignite the fire of change together and transform the landscape of sustainable food and agriculture.

Selected Startups only

The "Investor Hours" within the Sustainable Food Future section of the FHA Expo has been meticulously designed to serve as the cornerstone for personalized, impactful engagement between startup founders and investors. This dedicated space is all about facilitating deep, one-on-one discussions that go beyond the surface, allowing both parties to delve into the nuances of innovative projects and the potential for future collaboration. 

One-to-One Interactions

At its heart, the "Investor Hours" provides a unique opportunity for startup founders to present their vision, business models, and solutions directly to interested investors. These are not just pitches but a chance to engage in meaningful dialogue about the startup's role in shaping a sustainable food future. Founders can share their passion, the challenges they've overcome, and their strategic roadmap, offering investors a comprehensive understanding of the venture's value proposition.


A Platform for Investors

For investors, the "Investor Hours" is a rare opportunity to discover and connect with emerging talents in the sustainable food sector. It's a chance to listen to passionate founders who are on the forefront of innovation, offering solutions that could define the next generation of sustainable food systems. Investors can explore a diverse array of investment opportunities, ask probing questions, and assess the potential for aligning with their investment thesis and portfolio strategy.


Reserve Your Spot Now

Availability at the "Investor Hours" is limited, designed to ensure that each meeting is productive and that participants can have a focused, uninterrupted dialogue. Whether you're a founder eager to share your groundbreaking idea with the world or an investor looking for your next big venture in the sustainable food industry, securing your spot at the "Meeting Hub" is essential. This is more than just a meeting point; it's a launching pad for future partnerships that could lead to significant advancements in sustainability, profitability, and impact. It's an investment in the future of food, where every conversation has the potential to spark change and drive progress.

Don't miss this unparalleled opportunity to make connections that matter, to find synergy in missions and visions, and to potentially catalyze the next big leap in sustainable food innovation. Reserve your spot at the "Investor Hours" today, and take your place at the forefront of shaping a sustainable and prosperous future for our global food systems.

The "BizMatch" initiative within the Sustainable Food Future section of the FHA Expo is a thoughtfully curated program designed to bridge the gap between startup founders and key players in the food industry, including manufacturers, buyers, and distribution channels. This platform is dedicated to sparking conversations that could lead to fruitful business partnerships, driving forward the mission of sustainable food production and distribution.

Purpose-Driven Matching

At the core of the "BizMatch" is a commitment to creating synergies that are both impactful and sustainable. It recognizes the critical need for innovative startups to find the right industry partners who can help scale their solutions. Whether it’s a new technology for reducing food waste, a novel food product that needs distribution, or an innovative packaging solution that makes food transportation more sustainable, the right partnership can significantly amplify a startup's impact.


A Platform for Collaboration

"BizMatch" serves as a dynamic platform where startup founders can present their pioneering solutions to potential partners who are actively seeking innovation in their supply chains and product offerings. This direct engagement opportunity allows both parties to explore how they can collaborate to address the challenges and opportunities in the sustainable food sector. It's an environment conducive to discussing pilot projects, distribution agreements, manufacturing partnerships, and more.


Discussions for Strategic Alliances

Understanding that each business has unique needs and goals, the "BizMatch" initiative is designed to facilitate tailored discussions. Prior to the event, participants can express their interests and objectives, enabling the organizers to curate meetings with a high potential for compatibility. This targeted approach ensures that the time at the expo is spent on conversations with the highest potential for future business relationships.


Opportunity to Scale Impact

For startups, securing a partnership with established players in the food industry can be a game-changer. It can mean access to broader markets, increased production capacities, and the resources to scale operations. For food manufacturers, buyers, and distributors, partnering with innovative startups allows them to stay at the cutting edge of sustainability, meeting consumer demand for responsible products and practices.

How to Participate

Participants interested in the "BizMatch" initiative are encouraged to register their interest early, providing details about their startup, products, or services, and the types of partnerships they are seeking. This information will be used to facilitate meaningful connections during the expo, maximizing the opportunity for all involved to find the perfect match for their business goals.


23-26 April 2024 | Singapore Expo, Hall 7 & 8

Registration of Participation

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Tuesday, 23 April
Wednesday, 24 April
Thursday, 25 April
Friday, 26 April
SPARK Pitch & Networking on Wednesday 24 April at 3:30pm - 6:00pm
at Sustainable Food Future, FHA 2024 in Singapore Expo

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